From north to south, Maceió is blessed by the sea in green and blue tones and with an ideal temperature to make the most , what makes it even harder to choose the perfect beach.

The jangada boat trip to the Pajuçara’s natural swimming pool is the perfect invitation for an unique and unforgettable program, where adults and children enjoy the shoals   and can see the coral reef and colorful fishes.

If the idea is to explore  the beaches, Ipioca, on the north coast, has an irresistible charm. Uncrowned, this beach has a rustic beauty. It’s the destination indicated for couples in love enjoy a romantic time.

The famous Francês beach, on the southern, on one side has a coral reef which provides a calm sea, just like a swimming pool, ideal for families and children. On the other side, the rough sea is perfect for surfers that don’t refuse a good wave.

The Gunga’s viewpoint is a postcard of Alagoas and those who are in Maceió must see it. The horizon of coconut palm trees that meets the sea, illuminates the  guests all around the world. The Gunga’s beach is also a must see and the most adventurous ones enjoy the place to do buggy or quad biking (with or without emotion!) along the cliffs of the place.

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