Local Art

For those who like homemade art, Maceió has a lot of handcraft markets. The most famous one is the “Feirinha da Pajuçara”,  only 500 meters way from the Holiday Inn Express Maceió.

Local artists portray the culture of the warrior and kings, a genuinely Alagoan folkloric manifestation of music and dance, with an enchanting colors in costumes and ornaments, and evoke the natural beauties to make palpable the entire touristic experience of the place. In each small craft adorment , the tourist will carry and will remember Maceió.

Another must see place is the Feirinha do Pontal, the ideal place to make your home and wardrobe even more beautiful. There, it is possible to find an elegant handcraft to decorate your house and more. The rendeiras are the ones responsible for making the filé, a special  trait made of seam line and owns an international fame.

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