Gatronomic delights

The gastronomy of the city deserves a separate chapter. Seafood is the local and visitor’s favorite choices the culinary improves daily to serve in every way – from the simplest to the touch of gourmet sophistication.

Massagueira, a small village, is a true gastronomic park. The main course is on account of the seafood, which can be served fried or made with coconut milk. But the locals are famous for the cocadas, broas and suspiro puxa puxa.

It is also possible to find food from the countryside in its best version. Buchada, rabada and others options with meat and more regional food conquer the lovers of good food.

Whether in a good restaurant or by the beach, eating will always be a pleasure. The tapioqueiras on the beach are a success for their variety of tapiocas.

It is impossible to resist the food of the city, which has one of the best Peruvian restaurants in Brazil, being awarded as the best one in the country years ago, and others great restaurants.

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